Confirmation of Orders

We will send an electronic acknowledgement to the customer upon successful submission of the electronic order. If the item ordered are unavaliable, a message will be sent to the customer for further action.



Shipping Charges/Postage Charges of Orders

All the item/product price was not included shipping/ postage charges. We will update the shipping charges/ postage charges in separate mail after you submit the confirmed order(checkout shopping cart). For the shipping charges/ postage charges details, please click  HERE

所有的项目/产品的价格是不包括海运/邮寄费。我们将另发邮件通知运费当您提交确认订单(结帐购物车)。运费/邮资收费详情,请点击 “运费收费详情


Cancellation of Orders

We will refund the amount paid by the customer, if the order is cancelled due to unavailability of goods. Any cancellation of goods are not entertaining once the goods order is confirmed and paid by the customer.



Exchange & Refund

All goods sold are non refundable and non exchangeable.In case the goods is defective, refund may be made but we have reserve the right for final decision.

亲爱的顾客们,我们不接受退货和退款。 我们只允许有严重瑕疵的物品给予退款或回收物品。但是我们有权利保留及更改最后的一切决定


Delivery Service

All goods will be delivery by courier service and the shipment charges will be according to the shipment rates. For ready stock items, we will delivery the next days once receive the order payment and for pre-order items, we will delivery within 10-14days once receive the order payment.



Payment method

We accept for Paypal, TT transfer by Western Union, online transfer to Public Bank Account, Public Bank ATM transfer and cash deposit to Public Bank account.

Note: For Paypal payment method, there will be additional 5% transaction charges on top the total order amount.

我们接受Paypal,西联TT电汇,网上转账到大众银行户口, ATM/ 现款汇款到大众银行户口.

注意: 选择Paypal付款将在总额上,须加 5% 转账费.


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