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Hot summer pant

【商品货号 Product Code】N8857
【面料 Material】冰丝 Ice silk
【颜色 Color】黑色 Black, 咖紫色 Coffee purple
【商品重量 Weight】250克 gram
【尺码 Measurement】S, M
S: 腰围 Waistline:30*2CM 大腿宽 Thigh:29*2 CM 小腿宽 Calf:16*2CM 臀围 Hip:60*2CM 裤长 Total Length:64CM
M: 腰围 Waistline:31*2M 大腿宽 Thigh:31*2CM 小腿宽 Calf:17*2M 臀围 Hip:61*2CM 裤长 Total Length:66CM

*由于测量方法不同,尺寸数据可能存在1~3cm误差* Due to the different measurement methods, the size may differ by 1 ~ 3cm error
*由于电脑显示器的分辨率不同,颜色可能出现一些不同的现象* Due to the resolution of computer monitors, color may appear different phenomenon
购买前请尽量参考我们的尺寸,必要时请联系我们的客服人员,将您的身高和体重告诉她. Try to refer to our size before buying, if necessary, please contact our customer service, tell her your height and weight

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