CFLFD-Oriental Cheongsam

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2012 Classic fashion brocade dragon and phoenix short oriental cheongsam



货号Product code: CFLFD

颜色Colour: 黑色Black 湖蓝Blue 深蓝Dark Blue
尺码Size: XXL XL S M L
Fabric: brocade, stretch, both sides of the split ends, waist next to the open zipper

尺寸: 胸Bust 腰Waist 臀Hip 肩Shoulder width 裙长 Length
S: (B)83 (W)68 (H)86 (S/W)36.5 裙长(L)为90CM这样。
M: (B) 87 (W)72 (H)90 (S/W)37.5CM
L: (B) 91 (W)76 (H)94 (S/W)38.5CM
XL: (B)95 (W)81 (H)98 (S/W)39.5CM
XXL: (B)99 (W)85 (H)102 (S/W)40.5

Each larger size measurements 4CM, shoulder 1CM, long 2CM

The above dimensions are only for reference. Not detailed please contact the owner! Net size of the MM refers to the net size of their own personal measurements (underwear), height, weight, told the owner can以上尺寸只为参考的.有不详细请与店主联系!只要MM把自己的贴身三围净尺寸(指穿内衣的净尺寸),身高、体重,告诉店主就可以了!

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