CF015#-Oriental Cheongsam

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2012 new summer silk short dress pink peacock single oriental cheongsam

2012 新款 夏季仿真丝短旗袍 粉色孔雀单旗袍

货号Product Code: CF015#

颜色分类: 粉色XL 粉色L 粉色M 粉色S
尺码: XL S M L
Fabric: imitate silk with a little stretch, does not shrink, the split ends at both side , opening zipper at waist!
Bust(B) Waist(W) Hip(H)

S码:胸(B) 80cm 腰(W) 64cm 臀(H)82cm
M码:胸(B) 84cm 腰(W) 68cm 臀(H)86cm
L码:胸(B) 88cm 腰(W) 72cm 臀(H)90cm
XL码:胸(B) 92cm 腰(W) 76cm 臀(H)94cm

注意:花位不定位裁剪,随机发货,每件都好看的哦!挑剔的MM特要注意看哦!以名牌来比的MM\还有很挑剔MM在网上购买首先要考虑哦, 想好了再与卖家联系购买!
Above size only as a reference (everyone have their own measurement method) if not clear kindly please consult with the owner! As long as provide us your personal measurements height, weight, and bust(according the bra cup&inch), we will helping you to find out.

Note: The printing flowers are not positioned cutting, its random delivery according batch! Especially you are very fastidious and picky of each product or if you are comparison between branded, kindly please pay high attention before purchase. We are advise take your deeply consideration before online purchase.

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