Ef160-2051505- Blouse/Top (Yellow)

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Ef160-2051505- Blouse/Top (Yellow)

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2012夏季新品 超值特价个性时尚非主流图案短袖圆领T恤
2012 summer new value special personalized fashion non-mainstream pattern of short-sleeved T-shirt

【商品编号Product Code】Ef160-2051505
【商品重量Weigth】 170grams克

面料成份: 60%棉40%涤纶
Fabric content: 60% Cotton 40% polyester
颜色Colours: 黄色Yellow, 绿色Green,白色White

(所标码数相差大约1-2CM之差)The measurement difference of about 1-2CM
Shoulder Width(SW) Bust(B) Waist(W) Length(L)

均码Free size
肩宽约(SW):42cm 胸围约(B):130cm
腰围约(W):104cm 袖Sleeve:蝙蝠袖Bat sleeve
(模特所均码Model is wearing Free Size)

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