A9711-Oriental Cheongsam

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New water droplets sleeveless ceremonial clothes in the summer wedding toast service long section of high-slit length cheongsam

商品编号Product Code:A9711

尺码 肩宽(Shoulder width) 衣长(Length) 胸围(Bust) 腰围(Waist) 臀围(Hip)
S – (SW)36CM (L)122CM (B)84CM (W)72CM (H)90CM
M- (SW) 38CM (L)124CM (B)88CM(W)76CM (H)94CM
L- (SW) 40CM (L)126CM (B)92CM (W)80CM (H)98CM

面料:提花绦纶 (微弹性) 颜色:红色、黑色、粉色 高开叉57CM左右,背后拉链。 尺寸是随机抽取一件测量,测量方法或不同批次会有1-3CM左右的误差。建议选择比自己净三围略大的码数。旗袍须合身,不同人体型不同,收到货有可能要找裁缝修正,作好心理准备。
Fabric: the jacquard Dacron (micro-elasticity) Color: red, black, pink high split 57CM behind the zipper.Dimensions are randomly selected from a measurement, measurement methods, or different batches will have errors of about 1-3CM. Measurements slightly larger than their net yardage is recommended. Required to fit the cheongsam, a different body type, get the goods may be looking for tailor amendment to be psychologically prepared.

Size: S
Height: 163
Weigth 47Kg
Shoulder Width:-
Bust: 82cm
Waist: 63cm
Hip: 85cm

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