A9712-Oriental Cheongsam (White & Red)

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A9712-Cheongsum (White & Red)

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Summer new high-fashion casual linen cheongsam collar short-sleeved short paragraph modified

商品编号Product Code:A9712

尺码Size 肩宽Shoulder Width 衣长Length 胸围 腰围Waist 臀围Hip
S 36CM 87CM 84CM 72CM 88CM
M 37CM 88CM 88CM 76CM 92CM
L 38CM 89CM 92CM 80CM 96CM

Dimensions are randomly selected from a measurement, measurement methods, or different batches will have errors of about 1-3CM. Measurements slightly larger than their net yardage is
recommended. Required to fit the cheongsam, a different body type, get the goods may be looking for tailor amendment to be psychologically prepared.

模特尺码表Model size
Size: S
Height: 163
Weigth 47Kg
Shoulder Width:-
Bust: 82cm
Waist: 63cm
Hip: 85cm

Fabric: linen (inelastic, the advantages of moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, excellent air permeability, the drawback is that the fabric rough, easy to fold)

Washing instructions: washing requirements are basically the same cloth, but the soaking time should not be too long. Because hemp fibers are generally more rigid, poor cohesion, should be gently, not strong rub on the washboard, avoid using a stiff brush to wipe the brush, so as not to fluff, and ramie garment particularly need, otherwise the fluff and then will feel when you wear itching discomfort. Can not be forced to tighten the squeeze or dehydration after rinsing to prevent hemp fiber slip, affect the appearance and durability level. When Liangshai, clothes should be lapel, seams, etc. leveled pull very sun Liangshai, but not exposure or too long to prevent fading. Linen fabric stained with a variety of stains, remove with cotton fabric


A rough linen fabric above will lump, if not accepted, do not buy.

2, printing, plate buttons, different batches of color will be some differences, does not guarantee 100% with the picture.

Three different batches of cut printing is not necessarily sorted shown in the picture position, does not guarantee 100% with the picture.

Why do people sell 99 yuan, you so cheap? Quality will not be poor? What is the difference?

This we can only locate pricing issues minded customers can buy compare. We hope that the cheongsam cultural go further and deeper, so that more people feel the charm of the cheongsam, of course, pro-but also a rational purchase, not only do we hope you wear look better, more flavor, but also hope you can read it.

This with others of different buttons, our plate buttons, behind the zipper. Plate buttons only a decorative role, with others of the kind of buttons, then open the re-fasten back and forth several times, the buttons estimated to die, there are to be torn down buttons, pull side of the zipper in order to put, directly behind the pull after another, one place this trouble province.

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