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The new printing high-slit in the summer wedding ceremonial clothing overalls Chinese improved stylish long paragraph short-sleeved long cheongsam

商品编号Product Code:A9716

尺码 肩宽Shoulder width 衣长Length 胸围Bust 腰围Waist 臀围Hip
S- (SW)37CM (L)121CM (B)82CM (W)72CM (H)86CM
M- (SW) 38CM (L)122CM (B) 86CM (W)76CM (H)90CM
L- (SW) 39CM (L)123CM (B)90CM (W)80CM (H) 94CM

Size: M-M size is slightly feel large for model
Height: 163
Weigth 47Kg
Shoulder Width:-
Bust: 82cm
Waist: 63cm
Hip: 85cm

开叉56CM左右,袖长15CM左右,袖口直径14CM左右 尺寸是随机抽取一件测量,测量方法或不同批次会有1-3CM左右的误差。建议选择比自己净三围略大的码数。旗袍须合身,不同人体型不同,收到货有可能要找裁缝修正,作好心理准备。
Split about 56CM, Sleeve 15CM around the cuff diameter 14CM about the size of randomly selected one measurement, the measurement methods or different batches will have 1-3CM error. Measurements slightly larger than their net yardage is recommended. Required to fit the cheongsam, a different body type, get the goods may be looking for tailor amendment to be psychologically prepared.
面料Fabric:提花棉jacquard cotton
提花棉,也叫棉提花,是由经、纬线交错组成凹凸花纹的纺织物。与印花棉不同的是,提花棉的花纹是织出来就有的,不是印上去的。 提花棉将同种面料的底布与制造出的花型,形成明暗的对比,更高档,美观大方。棉有透气性,吸湿性,耐热性,适合人群广泛,易于打理,适于日常穿着。
洗涤说明:由于棉的天然特性,清洗时应把洗涤剂(勿使用含漂白剂成分的洗涤剂)放入 水中,待完全溶解后,再放入棉织物。(加点食盐以增加色牢度)请小心勿让本品直接接触没稀释过的洗涤剂,以免造成局部褪色。一般浸泡时间不超过半小时,水 温不超过40℃。浅色和深色面料分开浸泡和洗涤,避免染色,中性洗涤不可漂白,不可干洗,中温熨烫。晾晒时为保持花色的长久鲜艳,请将反面向着阳光晾晒。 棉面料特别是深色面料在洗涤时会有浮色现象,属于正常现象,不是褪色.
实话实说:生产一个款式的旗袍要经过选款,找面料辅料,打版,试穿…这其中的花费的时间精力可能亲无法想象,还有拉面料,裁剪,要绣花,印花的 还要拉到绣花厂,印花厂,再拉回来,工厂工人大热天也是没有空调只有风扇,特别是最后的熨烫环节,那温度,热气我们也无法想象,如果有亲们收到衣服熨得不 好的,也希望你能理解,自己再生新熨一下。我们的旗袍仅仅是几十元,这其中包含了多少人的精力,汗水,我们的也没有豪华的包装,仅仅是简单的透明袋包装, 羊毛出在羊身上,你懂的,我们的旗袍是批量生产的,所以也没有手工旗袍那么精工细作,如果你买了我们的旗袍,感到满意,请给我们好评,这是对我们工作的肯 定,也是对生产一线的工人的劳动成果的肯定,如果你有任何不满意,请告诉我们,我们都可以提供退换货的。
Jacquard cotton, also known as cotton jacquard textiles composed of concave and convex pattern is staggered by a weft. Printed cotton jacquard cotton pattern is woven out of there, and not printed on the card. Jacquard cotton base cloth of the same kind of fabric to create a pattern, to form a light and dark contrast, more upscale, elegant appearance. Cotton air permeability, moisture absorption, heat resistance, suitable for wide range of people, easy care, suitable for everyday wear.

Note: due to the natural characteristics of cotton, washing detergent (do not use with bleach component when the detergent) into the water until completely dissolved, then add the cotton fabric washing. (Add a little salt to increase the color fastness) Please be careful Keep away from direct contact with no dilution of the detergent in order to avoid local fade. Soaking time generally does not exceed half an hour, the water temperature does not exceed 40 ℃. Soaking and washing to separate light and dark fabric to avoid staining, neutral detergent Do not bleach Do not dry clean, in the warm iron. Drying to maintain the color of the long bright, set the negative toward the sun to dry. Cotton fabrics, especially dark-colored fabrics in the washing will be floating color phenomenon is normal, not fading.

Call a spade a spade: to produce a style cheongsam after the election shall find fabric accessories, a version, try … which cost time and effort to pro can not imagine, as well as pull the fabric, cutting, to be embroidered, printed also pulled the embroidery factory, printing factory, and then pull back, hot day of factory workers is no air conditioning fan is the last link of iron, that temperature, heat can not imagine, if there are parents who received a clothes iron Debu Well, hope you can understand, the regeneration of new ironed. Our cheongsam is only tens of dollars, which includes the number of a person’s energy, sweat, our luxury packaging, just a simple transparent bags, fleece, you know, our cheongsam is mass production, so there is no handmade cheongsam, Seiko secret agents, and if you buy our cheongsam, are satisfied, please give us praise, which is an affirmation of our work, but also on the production line workers the fruits of labor certainly, if Do you have any dissatisfaction, please let us know, we are able to return.

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