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1177 V collar flower Lantern sleeve long blouse in plus size

1177 V领花边灯笼袖长衫

【商品编号Product Code】1177
【商品重量Weigth】 300grams克

颜色:黑色Black 枣红Red
尺寸:XL 2XL 3XL 单位:厘米Cm

Shoulder Width(SW) Bust(B) Waist(W) Sleeve Length(S) Cuffs(C)Length(L) Hem(H)

XL: 肩宽(SW) 41 胸围(B) 98 腰围(W) 88 袖长(S) 60 袖口(C)18 衣长(L) 62 脚围(H)98

2XL:肩宽(SW) 43 胸围(B) 106 腰围(W) 96 袖长(S) 61 袖口(C)19 衣长(L) 63.5 脚围(H)106

3XL肩宽(SW) 45 胸围(B) 114 腰围(W) 104袖长(S) 62 袖口(C)20 衣长(L) 65 脚围(H)114

Ironning temperature not more than 110 degrees Celsius
Washable, washed the highest temperature is not more than 40 degrees Celsius, Cannot mix with dark colour gourment wash together/dry cleaning/cannot bleach /allow to drying

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