1119-Casual Dress For Plus Size(Beige)

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1119-Big Size Casual Dress (Beige)

Product Information

Order 1119-Big Size Casual Dress (Beige)

1119 Cherry OL fashion lotus leaf collar red dress for plus size (beige)

1119 时尚荷叶领红樱桃OL洋装

【商品编号Product Code】1119
【商品重量Weigth】 380grams克

面料Fabric:真丝印花Silk printing
颜色Colours: 黑色Black 杏色Beige
尺寸:XL 2XL 3XL 单位:厘米cm

Bust(B) Waist(W) Sleeve Length(S) Cuffs(C)Length(L) Collar (Col) Hem(H)

XL: 胸围(B) 96 腰围(W) 82-88 袖长(S) 22.5
袖口(C)23 裙长(L) 95 领围(Col))64 臀围(Hip) 96

XXL: 胸围(B) 104 腰围(W) 90-96 袖长(S) 23.5袖口(C)25 裙长(L) 96 领围(Col) 65 臀围(Hip)102

XXXL 胸围(B) 112 腰围(W) 98-104袖长(S) 24.5
袖口(C)27 裙长(L) 97 领围(Col) 66 臀围(Hip)110

Ironning temperature not more than 110 degrees Celsius
Washable, washed the highest temperature is not more than 40 degrees Celsius, Cannot mix with dark colour gourment wash together/dry cleaning/cannot bleach /allow to drying
Product Tip:
1. elastic cuffs and reinforced, stretch 7-10 cm; elastic waist plus tendons, stretch 4-6 cm.
2. all the matching accessories in picture for styling, no sale.

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