1130-Plus Size Blouse (Rose Red)

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1130-Big Size Top (Rose Red)

Product Information

Order 1130-Big Size Top (Rose Red)

1130 Plus size rose red vertical sense of upscale small silver mesh yarn blouse (with corsage)-Rose Red Color

1130 玫红银线网纱垂质感高档小衫(配胸花)

【商品编号Product Code】1130
【商品重量Weigth】 280grams克

面料Fabric:极品柔丝Perfect Lace+烫银网丝Hot Silver Twine
颜色Colors:玫红Rose Red 蓝色Blue 紫色Purple

尺寸:XL 2XL 3XL 4XL单位:厘米
Shoulder Width(SW) Bust(B) Waist(W) Sleeve Length(S) Length(L) Hem(H)

XL: 肩宽(SW)39 胸围(B) 96 腰围(W) 86 袖长(S) 18 衣长(L) 62 摆围(H)90

2XL:肩宽(SW)41 胸围(B) 104 腰围(W) 94 袖长(S) 19 衣长(L) 64 摆围(H)100

3XL:肩宽(SW)43 胸围(B) 112 腰围(W) 102 袖长(S) 20 衣长(L) 66 摆围(H)104

4XL:肩宽(SW)45 胸围(B) 120 腰围(W) 110 袖长(S) 20 衣长(L) 68 摆围(H)110


Size: XL 2XL 3XL 4XL unit: cm
XL: shoulder 39 bust 96 waist 86 wide-sleeved long swing Wai 18 dress length 62 90
2XL: shoulder width 41 bust 104 waist 94 long sleeve 19 dress length 64 swing around 100
3XL: shoulder width 43 chest 112 waist circumference of 102 long 20 dress length 66 sleeve swing around 104
4XL: shoulder width 45 long 20 dress length 68 chest 120 110 round sleeve swing around 110

Ironning temperature not more than 110 degrees Celsius
Washable, washed the highest temperature is not more than 40 degrees Celsius, Cannot mix with dark colour gourment wash together/dry cleaning/cannot bleach /allow to drying
Product Tip:
1. This product flexibility level is high.
2. Each dress matching with corsage 2 flowers.

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