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110327- Skirt

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110327韩国正品厂家直销毛呢精品双口袋修饰短裙-, 黑色

110327- Skirt


商品货号Product Code:N110327




产品颜色Colours: 灰色Grey、黑色Black
产品尺码Size- S M L
产品面料 Fabric:羊毛混纺Wool blend

尺码 裙长Length 腰围Waist 臀围Hip 下摆围 hem
S       37    72   88    96
M       38    76   92   100
L       39    80   96   104
穿着季节 春、夏、秋、冬四季都宜穿
洗涤说明 建议反面轻柔洗涤,不宜用热水清洗,悬挂晾干,分色洗涤,以免衣服染色。
设计亮点 简约设计,个性的大口袋设计

选款师推荐 这款毛呢短裙适合四季的穿着,设计符合流行趋势,面料选用优质的毛呢混纺面料,不掉毛,不起球!最具个性的是两侧的大口袋设计,最是亮点!!

温馨提示 * 因个人显示器明亮、对比显示差异,图片与实物可能会有细微色差;
* 因测量方式不同,若有1-2cm误差皆属合理范围.


Seasonal spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons are advised to wear

Washing instructions recommended back gentle washing and not wash with hot water, dry, color washing, avoid clothes stained.

Design highlights of simple design, large pockets of individuality design


Selected masters recommend the Barret four seasons wearing skirt suits, designed in line with fashion trends, Barret of fabrics using high quality blended fabrics, and not hair, no pilling! Most design is on either side of the big pockets of individuality, most are bright spots!!


Note * for personal display bright, contrasting show differences, the picture may be a subtle color difference with the real;

* Measured in different ways, if 1-2cm errors are reasonable.

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