A9709 Butterfly skinny oriental cheongsam (blue)

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Butterfly skinny cheongsam 9,709 short sleeve

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蝴蝶短袖修身旗袍 9709蓝色
Butterfly skinny cheongsam 9,709 short sleeve Blue

货号ProductNO: A9709-Bu
Price: RM50.00

面料FABRIC: 高档缇花棉+烫银High-grade twips flowers cotton + hot silver
尺码Size: S/M/L
颜色Color: 蓝色Blue/粉色Pink
其它Other: 下摆两边开叉18CM左右,背后拉链Hem vent about 18CM on both sides, back zipper
尺寸(CM) 长Length 肩宽Shoulder Width 胸围Bust 腰围Waist 臀围Hip
小码S 85 35 80 70 88
中码M 86 36 84 74 94
大码L 87 37 88 78 98
温馨提示: 1.关于色差:由于拍摄光线环境跟你所看的衣服光线不同会造成色差;显示器不同也会造成色差;另外由于不同批次的面料所造成的缸差也会有色差,不同批次的印花也会产生色差。色差问题退换我们不承担运费的哦,介意的MM要慎拍。

Warm Tip: 1. on the chromatic aberration: as shot light environments with different clothes you seeing light caused chromatic aberration; monitor also results in different color difference; the other cylinder differential due to different batches of fabric color shading, printing from different batches also have a color difference. Returned color difference problem we do not carry the freight of Oh, mind MM be careful.
2. with regard to size: randomly selected shown above is the size of a volume, as measurement or in different batches, such as cutting the factors that could cause errors in the 1-4CM.
We are guided by cost pricing principle, this store is the most affordable price, thanks for touch support, let us CHEONG-Sam so popular. Production one of qipao style to a selected paragraph, found fabric accessories, marker, trying on … This which of spent of time energy may Pro-cannot imagine, also has pull fabric, crop, to embroidery, printing of also to pull to embroidery factory, printing factory, then pull came back, factory workers broiling is also no air conditioning only fan, especially last of ironing links, that temperature, heat we also cannot imagine, if has Pro-were received clothes ironing was bad of, also hope you can understanding, own regeneration new ironing about. We of cheongsam just is dozens of Yuan, this which contains has how many people of energy, sweat, we of also no Deluxe of packaging, just is simple of transparent bag packaging, wool out in sheep who, you understand of, we of cheongsam is mass production of, so also no hand cheongsam so Seiko secret agents, if you buy has we of cheongsam, was satisfaction, please to we praise, this is on we work of certainly, is also on production first-line of workers of labor results of certainly, if you has any does not satisfaction, please told we, We can provide replacement of goods.

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