A9379 Oriental Cheongsam

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A9379 Cheongsam Dress Costume

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A9379 Oriental Cheongsam Dress Costume 唐装旗袍

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尺码:S/M/L 共三个码
颜色:兰/紫/红 共三个色

Material: gilt jacquard cotton
Size: S / M / L total of three yards
Color: blue / purple / red color were three
slits: open hairpin
zipper: the back of the
size: it is a randomly selected to measure physical , due to different measurement methods and cut clothes, size is for reference only to the actual subject.
Model real shot, quality assurance, style, fabric 100% with the same picture, pattern cutting is not the same as the location, distribution may be different and photos.

尺码 胸围(平铺)CM 腰围(平铺)CM 臀围 (平铺)CM 衣长(平铺)CM 肩宽(平铺)CM
Size Bust (tile) CM Waist (tile) CM Hip (tile) CM Length (tile) CM Shoulder (tile) CM
S 82 72 86 93 36
M 84 74 88 94 37
L 86 76 90 95 39


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